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Mermaid Brush

To help keep you and your beauty tools beautiful, we have included this Mermaid Brush in this month's box. This magical mermaid tail brush comes in either a rainbow or bronze color. It also comes with a protective cap to make sure it stays pristine when you are not using it. Don't worry as it does not use real animal hair!

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Country & Stream Facial Oil Pack

Get shiny, healthy skin with this simple to use facial oil pack. This facial pack features a soothing honey scent and utilizes real honey, 10 different beauty essences, and other natural oils like argan oil and sunflower oils. It also features a sugar scrub that helps make your skin shine!

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Rilakkuma Eyelash Curler

Another cute tool has made its way into your NMNL box this month! This eyelash curler is a limited-time collaboration item with Rilakkuma. A smaller sized eyelash curler that is perfectly portable, it is designed to give you amazingly curled lashes! You can also feel at ease as the replacement rubber comes built in so you don't need to worry about losing it.

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Rice Mask Pack

Our NNML family loves their face masks, so this month we have included not one, not two, but a pack of 10 uniquely Japanese beauty masks! These masks use 100% Japan grown rice oils to support one's skin by smoothing out rough skin, keep it moisturized, and help it stay balanced!

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Angelite U Mascara

To go with your Angelite U Eyeliner from last month's box, this month we have included an Angelite U Mascara! This mascara features a unique s-shaped brush that allows you to reach your eye corners and inners easily to complete a perfect curled eye look! When you want to remove it, it can be easily removed with warm water.

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