nmnl vs. Amazon

Many people ask, "Why is our Japanese and Korean beauty box better than just ordering things off of Amazon?" Well, there are a ton of reasons why, but the main reasons are we provide better value per item, no-hassle curation for you, and we include all the trendy, Instagrammable items everyone wants! Check out more below for more detailed information.

nmnl Amazon
Easy To Purchase
Better Value Per Item
Quick Delivery
Free Shipping
Guaranteed authentic Japanese and Korean goods
No-hassle curation
Beauty Community
Streak Rewards


Check out the value differences yourself below for an example box to see just how much you are saving!

Amazon nmnl
Melliesh Lip Tint $9.32 All of this for only
Soy Milk Extract Facial Cleansing Foam $6.56
Missha 3D Mascara $4.49
Etude House My Beauty Tool Etti Shower Ball $6.60
Tony Moly Kiss Kiss Lovely Lip Patch $3.99
Fruit Slice Sheet Mask Pack $5.00
Flower Bouquet Face & Body Soap $3.61
Watering Cosmetic Wedges $0.95
$40.52 $35.00
Shipping Fee Not included FREE
Item authenticity Not guaranteed Guaranteed

How do we do it though?

To make sure you get only the trendiest, most adventurous Japanese and Korean beauty goods out there, our beauty expert curation team contacts beauty companies directly to get the best rates for top quality items. Buying in bulk allows us to get lower prices which are then passed on to you! So you get top quality items for lower prices - the best of both worlds!

Now you can see why we beat Amazon!

Subscribing to NMNL not only saves you money, time, and effort, but you can also experience Japanese and Korean culture at home just by signing up! What's better than knowing every month you'll feel like a million bucks while experiencing another culture all without leaving your own home?!

Select Your Plan

The longer you subscribe, the more you save! Get the best box for you!

6 month


Total price: $192.00
+ Shipping Fee
Save $18.00!

3 month


Total price: $100.50
+ Shipping Fee
Save $4.50!



Total price: $35.00
+ Shipping Fee

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