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items included:
tonyu isofurabon point masks, honeil cleansing lotion, kakima 2 in 1 mascara liner, rosy rosa oil blotting roller, ginger bath salt and mapepe big ribbon


items included:
sailor moon venus spa hair fragrance, sweets-sweets fruits tint lip serum, japanese pattern powder puff, propolinse sakura mouthwash and glow in the dark sugar skull art mask


items included:
jelly belly eyeshadows, delicious lip cream, ayurbio damaged hair mask, s-labo face & neck care mask, rosy rosa false lashes and cezanne easy eyeliner


items included:
coupy-design purple gel eyeliner, hada bijin tofu soap, lassic creamy mint body massage milk, rune naito’s rune girl face mask, candy faceline massage toothbrush


items included:
profael massage jelly body mask, sweets-sweets air moisturizing cc cream, peelingood peeling gel kit, hollywood orchid enzyme mask, browtician tweezers


items included:
angel recipe all in one essence, country & stream honey uv water gel, lumi deco nail decal, candy doll lip & cheek cream, make up block beauty tools


items included:
lucky wink super cover foundation brush, love switch oil treatment mascara, brigitte lasting liquid eyeliner, brigitte smoothie lip tint, mentrum petroleum jelly


items included:
shiseido senka perfect whip n face wash, melon all-in-one gel, derizum moisture veil skin cream, dotfree deep clay mask, menturm lip dress pearl beige

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