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The Saem Water Candy lip tint

A girl can never own too many lip tints! That’s why this month we’ve decided to include an adorable water candy lip tint! These lightweight moisturizing matte tints are perfect for Spring! They come in 5 shades of red and the best of all: they smell like fruit-flavored candy. Yummy! Tip: Apply a clear gloss over your matte lip tint for a playful look! Key point: Fruity lip tints that moisturize your lips with honey extract & hyaluronic acid.

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Ariul Stress Relieving Purefull Cleansing wipes (15PCS)

Is school or work stressing you out? Make sure to remove your makeup at the end of the day with these relaxing citrus-scented wipes by Korean brand Ariul. They effortlessly remove waterproof makeup, cleanse and moisturize your skin! Tip: Save these stress-relieving makeup wipes for a trip Key point: Natural and safe for all skin types

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Konnyaku face sponge

Exfoliate and massage your skin at the same time with this all-natural face sponge! This sponge is 100% made of konnyaku (asian potato) and has fine fibers that are gentle for the skin. It effectively removes dead skin cells and dirt from pores and leaving your skin super smooth! Tip: Rinse the sponge well before using it for the first time. Massage your face by making circular motions. Key Point: 100% natural & gentle face sponge

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Berrisom Peking Opera sheet mask

Feel like royalty during your spa night with the Berrisom Peking Opera sheet mask series! These sheet masks are inspired by traditional characters in Chinese opera. Get a queen (red wine + adenosine) or a king mask (Pearl + arbutin). While the king mask focuses on brightening, treating blemishes & hydration, the queen mask focuses on improving skin elasticity, radiance & hydration. Tip: Use cleanser and toner, then apply the sheet mask for 15-20 minutes. No need to rinse! Key point: These sheet masks are crafted from 100% pure cotton, perfect for sensitive skin!

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To-Plan Shea Butter body lotion

Say goodbye to dry skin! This rich, fast-absorbing body lotion contains shea butter, a nourishing ingredient that seals water into the skin. Tip: Apply this body lotion right after taking a shower or bath. Key Point: Moisturizing body lotion that contains the BEST skin care ingredients: Shea butter, olive oil, collagen & hyaluronic acid.

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House-shaped makeup sponges (6PCS)

These sponges are super popular in Japan so we just HAD to include them in your box! The house shape makes them versatile, easy to use and on top of that they don’t absorb a lot of product! Tip: Use the sponge damp to apply foundation, concealer or creams and dry for powders. Key Point: The house shape makes it easy to reach corners that are usually hard-to reach.

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Morning Surprise hand cream (korea)

Pretty like a princess or sexy like Marilyn Monroe, you can be whatever you want but make sure that your hands are moisturized! This isn’t a problem if you own a Morning Surprise hydrating snail or peach hand cream! Which one did you get in your box? Tip: Avoid dry hands by carrying this cute hand cream in your bag at all times Key point: Shea butter, olive oil, snail extract, this hand cream has it all!

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Lucky Wink foot scrub sponge

This exfoliating sponge softens and pampers tired feet and makes dry cracked heels soft again! Unlike pumice stones, this exfoliating sponge isn’t rough and causes no harm to the skin at all. Tip: Use this sponge dry or wet, anytime you need it. Key Point: This gentle foot scrub sponge is a must-have for a pampering night!

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