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Jasmine Japanese Hair Cream

New year, new hair? This moisturizing hair cream will make your hair feel soft and shiny and it also has a lovely jasmine scent.

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Farmstay princess waterproof eyeliner

Eyeliner on fleek with the Farmstay Princess waterproof eyeliner! No sweat or tears can stop you from looking fabulous 24/7 in 2020! 

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Papa Recipe Bombee Honey Mask

It was about time that we included the famous Papa Recipe honey face mask! Apparently it has been sold over 500 million times worldwide and now you have the chance to try it at home! In your box comes one in gold, pink or green.

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Lucky Wink hair curlers

In January’s box comes a Lucky Wink hair curlers set in 30mm, 35mm or 40mm! Use these to easily curl your hair without heat.

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Beauty World Yoghurt Face Pack

Feel refreshed with this yoghurt face pack! It moisturizes your skin and comes in one of these fruity versions: strawberry, yuzu or peach.

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Kracie rose candy

Not only isn’t it important what you put on your skin, in Japan people also pay attention to what they eat for beauty & health. Give these delicious rose-flavored candies a try, you’ll surely get addicted! (Not vegan!)

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Pure Vivi moisturizing cleansing foam

Start the new year with fresh & moisturized skin. The Pure Vivi moisturizing cleansing foam removes makeup and moisturizes your skin at the same time! 

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