Mediheal Essential Mask

Voted the #1 facemask by @cosme users for 2 years running, this essential mask is packed full of hydrating ingredients. Working in collaboration with dermatologists, it’s specially formulated to work with your skin, not against it! Comes in one of 5 kinds: Collagen Impact: Marine collagen for moisturization and skin elasticity Placenta Revital: Placenta extract to keep skin resilient, healthy, and radiant Teatree Healing Solution: Teatree oil to soothe dry skin and clear clogged pores V Life: Pomegranate and trehalose to lift the V-line Vita Lightbeam: Vitamin C and oryzanol for a brighter, shinier complexion

Mise en Scene Extreme Damage Repair Hair Mask

From the #1 hair care brand in Korea, this nourishing hair serum uses natural oils, heat, and steam to infuse your locks with rich, hydrating ingredients like shea butter, jojoba seed oil, and coconut oil. 

BT21 Hair Clip

Add some K-Pop to your hair look with BT21 hair clips - a Big Hit x Line Friends collab. Get one of the 7 characters created by the BTS members: Tata, Koya, RJ, Shooky, Mang, Chimmy, and Cooky!

Innisfree Matte Mineral Setting Powder

The beauty item every Korean woman swears by! This super soft setting powder created by Innisfree is made from Jeju Island natural minerals and mint. It locks everything in place and leaves your skin looking smooth and airbrushed.  How to Use: Lightly apply over your foundation or wherever you want to keep shine at-bay!

UR Glam - Lip Oil

Between a balm and a gloss, lip oil hydrates and soothes dry winter lips, and infuses them with a vibrant tint. Add a pop of color plus lasting shine with just a few swipes - and no stickiness! Comes in one of 12 colors: nude pink, coral pink, clear pink, raspberry pink, pink brown, clear purple, clear yellow, deep blue, turquoise blue, gold, and silver.

Fascy Moisture Bomb Hand Cream

With over 10 million sold worldwide, this popular Korean hand cream from Fascy lives up to its name with deep moisturizing power. It contains shea butter and aloe vera extract which soothe and brighten dull dry skin. Comes in one of 5 scents: strawberry, violet, grapefruit, peach, and milk.

UR GLAM - Eyeshadow Palette

This eyeshadow palette sold out when it was voted best multi-palette by @cosme at the beginning of 2020. Featuring tones of brown, beige, and red, in matte and glitter, all 9 colors are perfect for everyday wear.

Microfiber Hair Drying Glove

Dealing with wet hair right after a shower is never fun - and you could catch a cold! The soft and super absorbent microfiber helps to reduce blow-drying time and keep your hair healthy. Comes in 4 colors: ivory, blue, grey, and pink.  Machine washable

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