Rich Collagen Sheet

Worried about dry skin or fine lines? We’ve got you covered with a collagen sheet perfect for moisturized, bouncy skin! This hot-topic item is skin-friendly, preservative-free, and adds elasticity for nice, plump skin. Just add a bit of water to the sheet, mix, and apply!

Foundation Brush (Flat Oval or Diamond)

Create a makeup look with a pro finish with one of two foundation brushes! The flat oval brush has brush sellers obsessed with its perfect application in one pass. The diamond brush features a velvet touch that can reach any crease. Both give a perfect, glassy look!

Zuquuun Girls Color Mousse Eyeshadow

Popular Japanese apparel brand WEGO and Zuquuun Girls made a mousse eyeshadow to reflect today’s trends. It’s both moist and has a silky, smooth finish while also having a unique color to show off your personality. Comes in Aurora Brown.

Crayon Touch-Me Lip & Cheek

Need to save some space in your makeup bag? This item is a convenient two-in-one blush and lip product. The cute colors are soft with a natural feel and super long-lasting. Comes in Cherry Red and Rose Pink.

Peach C River Glow Tint

Who’s your fav K-beauty influencer? If it’s Ha Neul, this one’s for you! Ha Neul’s brand Peach-C brings a long-lasting, moisturizing water-based lip tint for a shiny lip look. Comes in 4 vibrant colors: Hey, Cherry; Tender Peach; Let’s Grape; and Breeze Fig.

ELT Moisture Pink Clay Pack

Winter, for a lot of us, can mean dry or rough skin. Give calming care to tired or dry skin this winter with this acclaimed pink clay pack. Made with apricot extract and various plant extracts, moisturize your face while gently clearing any sebum or clogged pores.

ALFACE+ Diamond Moisture Sheet Mask

Any K-pop stans out there? This collab between ALFACE+ and NiziU is packed with ingredients for a moisturizing charge. Moisturize and protect any dry or fragile skin with 17 types of amino acids, hyaluronic acid, ceramide, and 14 types of plant extracts!

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