Dodo Body Sheet

Spent a bit too much time in the sun? This body sheet is infused with 14 different moisturizing ingredients that help to soothe and repair sunburns. How to use: 1) Rinse and dry the sunburnt area 2) Place the sheet on your shoulders or upper back 3) Leave for 10-15 minutes

VAVI MELLO First Collection Lip Tint

From Vavi Mello, the cosmetics line by famous Korean apparel brand DHOLIC, comes this beauty collab with Japanese YouTuber Niki Sakino. This lip tint will leave your lips feeling glossy and volumized. Get 1 of 3 different summer-inspired colors: summer, festival, and yaksha.

BUZZ Color Eyeshadow Palette

Bring on the tropical vibes and break out the summer party dress with this bright and playful palette. Mix and match tones for a look that'll leave a lasting impression.

BUZZ 2 in 1 Control Stick

Want that summer glow but have some blemishes ruining the look? This 2-in-1 control stick has one side for covering up, and the other for highlighting. Take it with you for quick touch-ups and get a complexion that always catches the light.

Malibu Beauty Mascara

It's hot, it's sweaty and the last thing you need is runny mascara! This mascara from Malibu Beauty locks in the curl, is long-lasting, and is easy to remove. Perfect for when you want to go for a last-minute dip in the pool!

Innisfree Sheet Mask - Water Type

From the K-beauty powerhouse Innisfree comes this real squeeze sheet mask. It uses the cold-brew method of adhering to your skin and slowly letting rich, moisturizing natural ingredients soak in. This "water series" is designed for summer as the perfect way to relax and cool down. Get 1 of 3 types: bamboo, tea tree, or green tea. How to use: 1) Wash your face and apply lotion 2) Carefully place the mask on your face so it is sealed to your skin 3) Leave for 10-20 minutes

Retro Animal Eye Mask

Need to get your beauty sleep? This animal eye mask is oh-so-cute with retro-inspired designs and characters.

Spiral Hair Elastic & Case

Take your hair down from a ponytail with no elastic "bump" mark! This spiral elastic is perfect for pool or beach time too, and even comes with its own carrying case.

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