dodo Hologram Lip & Eye

Is it a lip product? An eye product? Well, it’s both! This hologram item contains 3D pearl for a look that changes based on the angle you look at it! Of course you can use it alone for a cool, unique look, or you can pair it with your fav items for a bit more nuance!

Okuchi Lemon

Need a bit of refreshment after a meal or before bed? Just swish this lemon-flavored mouthwash for 20 seconds! This non-alcoholic mouthwash is popular in Japan thanks to how well it cleans the mouth! You’ll be surprised what happens when you spit it out! *Please do not swallow!

One Piece Nami's Whipping Net

That’s right! That Nami, the queen of the seas from the popular One Piece, is here to help out with your relaxing bath time! Create soft, fluffy, fine bubbles, perfect for getting squeaky clean during a relaxing dip.

16Brand Filter Shot

Need to get camera-ready for those vacation selfies? Create a perfectly-shaded makeup look like a pro with one of these convenient camera-inspired contours. Comes in Shading Almond (for natural shading) or Contour Peach (for highlight and contour)!

16Brand Finger Mini Mirror

Check your makeup anytime and anywhere this season with a super cute hand mirror. This mirror is perfectly-sized to fit in a makeup pouch or bag (even a travel bag), so you can take it anywhere with you for a quick check or last-minute makeup fix.

Bong Bong Sheet Mask

Let your skin enjoy a drink too with these super cute juice can-inspired face masks! Comes in three different assortments to help tackle three different issues: CICA (grape) for preventing rough skin; Pearl (pear) for glossy skin; and Tea Tree (peach) for soothing! 

SKINAZ Lip Tattoo

Want to go for a swim or enjoy a meal without your lipstick coming off? This lip tattoo by SKINAZ is here to help! Just apply, leave for 10 minutes, and peel off for gorgeous color that lasts a whole 24 hours. It even plumps and moisturizes the lips!

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