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ITS’DEMO x Pokemon Heart Tinted Lip Balm

Aww, how cute is this heart shaped Pokemon tinted lip balm by Japanese brand IT’S DEMO? Now you can keep your lips moisturized at home and all year round! It includes one of our favorite moisturizing ingredients ever: shea butter! In June’s box comes 1 of these versions: 901 Pink (cherry), 902 Green (candy) 903 Blue (peach) or 904 Yellow (citrus).

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Choosy Bubble Lip Pack

Give your lips a boost with this refreshing minty bubble lip pack! Apply it on clean, dry lips and massage for at least a minute for the foam to appear to exfoliate your lips and make them soft. After rinsing your lips, apply the ITS’ DEMO Pokemon lip balm to moisturize.

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Animal Foaming Net

Use this animal foaming net to easily create foam using your favorite face wash. Not only is it super fun, you will also waste less product! After creating the foam, use your hands to apply it to your face. In June’s box comes 1 of these variations: bear, chick, fish or frog.

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Porez Pores Clear Pack Peel Off Pack

It’s time to clean those pores with the ultimate peel off pack by Japanese brand Porez! This product can be applied straight from the tube without getting your hands dirty. It includes Moroccan lava clay and charcoal to absorb pore impurities to make your nose squeaky clean!

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Tsubosh Arm Massager

This Japanese massager for arms and wrists is just what we need after a long day of work, school, cleaning or texting (oops!) Simply roll this tool around your wrist and arms to massage pressure points, how relaxing! In June’s box comes 1 arm massager in white or pink. 

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Etude House Heart Blossom Blush

Spring vibes all year round with this cute limited edition blush from popular Korean brand Etude House! This high quality soft blush has a subtle shimmer that looks amazing on your cheeks or even on your eyes. Use it to create cute makeup looks at home! In June’s box comes the color PK004: Attracted Love or OR201: Unrelenting Spring.

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Mediheal Hair Sheep Steam Pack

Say goodbye to frizzy, dry and damaged hair! This unique hair pack by popular Korean brand Mediheal is not only super cute & selfie worthy, it leaves your hair silky and shiny from root to tip! This hair pack warms up so nourishing ingredients like hydrolyzed collagen and goat milk get absorbed by your hair even better.

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Esfolio Foot & Heel Peeling Mask

Relax at home and try this foot mask while reading a book or watching tv! It gently and effectively removes dead skin cells while providing moisture and nutrients through natural fruit & herb extracts like grapefruit and chamomile making your feet super soft.

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