Shibanban Sakura Bath Salts

Experience comfort, warmth, and relaxation in a luxurious cloak of natural oils and minerals for beauty. With a pharmaceutical-approved formula, these sakura-scented bath salts are great for creating your own hot spring experience at home.

LaLaRecipe Heart Moisture Mask   

A moisturizing mask with a unique heart design to make skincare fun. The special gel mask is filled with glitter and gently wraps around your eyes' under and outer corners to ensure complete moisture.

Clear Face Pack

A cute and clear face pack from the ZAKKA series to help you make everyday life more fun! With a light fragrance, the pack is highly moisturizing, helping to revitalize and smooth the skin.

Sanrio Beauty Pouch

The perfect Sanrio accessory featuring Kuromi & My Melody. It's boat-shaped, 6cm deep, fits well inside any bag, and is big enough to carry all your beauty essentials.

A’pieu Juicy Pang UV Stick

Adorable, fruity, and moisturizing, the A'pieu UV stick ensures complete skin protection even through the hottest days. With a water and sweat-resistant formula, the UV stick helps prevent spots, freckles, and sunspots to keep your skin supple and healthy.

Angel Heart Jewel Eyeshadow

A rich eyeshadow with a jewel-like shine to make your eyes sparkle throughout the day. With a wet and shiny texture, the eyeshadow adheres perfectly to the skin, complimenting any eye shape.

Angel Heart Holiday Pink Tinted Lip Cream

A cream-type formula lip tint that perfectly adheres to the lips and guarantees long-lasting color. The smooth and flat tip allows for effortless color application, helping to add to your soft spring looks.

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