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Etude House Oh My Lash Mascara - no.3 volume or no.4 curling

Enhance your natural lashes with the mascara from popular Korean brand Etude House! Whether you need more volume or curled lashes, this mascara will get the job done in a blink of an eye! Tip: Always apply mascara to your lower lashes before your upper lashes.

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Canmake Lip tint jam

This unique lip product by Japanese brand Canmake has a jam-like jelly texture that easily spreads over your lips for a silky-smooth semi-matte finish! Espresso jam is a cute brown/orange color that can be applied by its own or on top of your favorite lipstick! Tip: Easily adjust the intensity of the color by applying one or several coats. Key Point: This non-sticky lip jam provides a natural rosy look!

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Fiance Fragrance Body Sheets (20pcs) - Pink Grapefruit

Stay fresh and moisturized with these body sheets! They have a menthol cooling effect and a lovely pink grapefruit scent which makes them perfect to use for the upcoming summer! Tip: Don’t use these sheets for your face or clothes. Key Point: Body sheets that you can carry with you to freshen up any time!

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Patting Panda Tool

What is this cute panda?! It’s one of Japan’s funky beauty tools! An important part of Japanese and Korean skin care routines is using lotion and gently patting your skin until the product has been absorbed and this cute panda is going to help you with that! Tip: Attach a cotton pad to the panda’s head and soak it in lotion. Use it to gently pat your face about 30 times. Key Point: A fun, cute and useful Japanese beauty tool that you won’t find anywhere else!

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Speed Off Brush cleaning sheets (12pcs)

With the Speed Off Brush cleaning sheets you can clean your makeup brushes in no time! The Alkaline electrolyzed water helps to remove foundation, oil, sebum and dirt from your makeup brushes. Tip: Wondering how often you should clean your makeup brushes? Check out page 8! Key Point: An easy and effective way to clean your brushes!

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Fluffy Cleansing Pad - pink or green

Removing your makeup with cotton pads? We have something better for you! The Fluffy Cleansing Pad removes makeup, exfoliates and brightens your skin! Wash it and use it again the next day. Super easy! Tip: Use lukewarm water for the best results. Key Point: Reusable cleansing pad to remove makeup everyday!

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Japanese bath powder - Daruma doll, lucky cat or dog!

This super cute and traditional bath powder brings you good luck from Japan and it’s also great for your skin! The Daruma doll contains Japanese snake gourd plant extract, the lucky cat contains orange blossom oils and the lucky dog contains chrysanthemum extract. Which one did you get? Tip: Relax and take a lucky bath using this bath powder before an important day! Key Point: Bath powder that uses traditional and natural Japanese ingredients.

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Berrisom Horror Mask - Pierrot Green Tea or Skull Black Rice

These super scary face masks are only for the bravest amongst us! The spooky skull mask contains rice extract to make dry skin clear, improve elasticity and moisturize. The scary pierrot mask contains green tea extract and bamboo water to deeply moisturize and prevent wrinkles. Tip: Leave it on for 15-20 minutes and make sure to warn your family before trying this terrifying face mask! Key Point: The perfect face mask for a scary movie night

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