Daisy Doll Dual Color Stick

Your key to vibrant eyeshadow looks is unlocked with the Daisy Doll double-color stick. With just one application, unleash your creativity: layer, blend, mix—the choice is yours! Available in Japan only from Mary Quant’s 50th-anniversary collection.

Daisy Doll Watery Lip Tint     

Use the Daisy Doll Watery Lip Tint for fresh luster and long-lasting color. The lip tint is infused with moisturizing beauty oil, which keeps delicate lips hydrated all day. Use just one coat for a light, natural finish. Available only in Japan from Mary Quant’s 50th-anniversary collection. 

Rossi Moist Facial Cleanser   

Treat yourself with this natural facial cleanser crafted with locally sourced ingredients for a rich, luxurious lather. Infused with rice nuka extract, the cleanser moisturizes while cleansing, leaving your skin refreshed and radiant. Simply take a pearl-sized amount, lather with water, and rinse for a revitalizing cleanse!

MochiMochi Panda Mask 

A hydrating face mask is known widely in Japan for its moisturizing properties. Infused with a delightful yogurt scent, this face mask offers a soothing experience to help you relax and reveal your true beauty from within.

LINDSAY Modeling Mask 

Dive into a skincare adventure with this modeling mask pack! Add water, stir, and watch it transform into a clay mask that delivers a nourishing and cooling sensation. Say goodbye to dullness as it clears your skin, leaving you glowing like a pearl. Leave it on for 15 minutes to maximize its effects!

Dr. Dermal Facial Mask

Packed with catechin, this potent antibacterial and antioxidant mask works wonders, infusing moisture into your skin to promote a radiant glow. 

Beausta CICA Care Cream

A formula enriched with madecassoside, camelia japonica, and shea butter —this CICA care cream brings balance to your skin by preventing dryness and revealing the beauty within.

Fan Favorites

Get ready to elevate your Natural Glow Beauty box with a beloved fan favorite making its comeback. Get 1 of 4 types of beauty products: false eyelashes, a makeup sponge, a cosmetic pouch, or hair curlers.

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