IT'S SKIN Macaron Lip Balm

Macaron anyone? IT’S SKIN is known for creating hypoallergenic cosmetics that are great for people with sensitive skin! Inside the cute macaron package is a gentle, moisturizing lip balm in pastel colors! It applies clearly, so you can use it on it’s own for a gentle gloss, or try it over or under your lip look - without changing your lipstick! Comes in Grape, Pineapple or Choco! Tip!  Try it on your eyelid or under eye area for a hydrating glossy boost!

SKIN'S BONI Yogurt Wash Off Mud Pack

It’s time for a sweet, Harajuku spa day! SKIN’S BONI’s super cute yogurt mud pack is great for a sweet self care moment. First wash your face, apply generously to skin, wait roughly 15 minutes and wash off! The pack is a little hard at room temperature, so make sure to warm the pack slightly to make it easier to apply! Comes in one of 3 varieties: Pink: Green Tea (Soothing & Protecting) Yellow: Pine (Improving Color & Elasticity) Black: Charcoal (Pore Cleaning)

SKIN'S BONI Yogurt Mask Pack

Adding to the yogurt goodness, enjoy the SKIN’S BONI Yogurt Mask. This refreshing and hydrating face mask is easy and smooth to apply, and is great for skin elasticity with the added lactic acid bacteria! And the best part - the mask’s sweet yogurt scent! Simply wash your face and apply lotion, then apply the mask! Peel off after 20 minutes!

SHO-BI slown Fruits Cheek Color Palette

We’re cooking up some sweet looks with the SHO-BI slown Fruits Cheek Color Palette Cookbook! Comes in one of two colors - baby orange and coral pink and it has a brush and magnet shut case - for touch ups on the go! How to use: Create a 3D look by applying the lighter color on top of the cheekbones, followed by the brighter color on the highest spot of the cheek

CHOOSY x Milky Lip Pack

This collab between Choosy, known for their cute lip products, and Milky, famous Japanese candy brand with the cute mascot Peko-chan, is here for some lip hydrating goodness! The pack wraps the lips and fits tightly to improve lip softness and health! After using the Milky Lip Scrub, apply to the lips and enjoy the effect for up to 7 days! Comes in varieties; classic Milky, fruity Strawberry Milky or sweet Cocoa Milky! 

CHOOSY x Milky Sugar Lip Scrub

Another cute collab from Choosy and Milky! This sweet sugar scrub is great for removing dead skin while still being gentle on your lips! The scrub is also coated in soft petrolatum and jojoba oil for added lip care! For a full explanation of how to use this scrub, check page 6!

Peach Leaf Makeup Remover Wipes

After a long day of exploring Harajuku, nothing is better than refreshing at home! Take off your makeup easily with these Peach Leaf wipes! Featuring peach leaf extract, they keep your skin moisturized while the oil helps to easily remove makeup in one swipe! And they have a sweet peach scent!

Vivid Color Nail Stand

Wanna treat yourself to some sweet nail art? The Vivid Color Nail Stand is here to help! Place your finger (or toe) in the ring and let it keep you steady while you create! It has a handy suction cup for extra flexibility!

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