Lovisia Heart Stick Blusher (Japan)

We LOVE the Heart Stick Blusher from Japanese brand Lovisia! When applied to your cheek, it leaves a cute heart mark! Although it has the look and feel of a cream blusher, when applied it gives the smooth finish of a powder! Or leave it as a heart shape for a cute event look this Spooky Season! It comes in one of 3 sweet colors; Milky Orange, Pure Pink or Coral Pink!

 Petit Recipe Donut Cream Lip + Cheek (Japan)

Trick or Treat! This donut is the sweetest product you’ll use this October! Inside the cute and squishy donut packaging, you’ll find a sweetly scented moisturizing lip & cheek cream filled with Vitamin E! Which donut did you get; strawberry cream, milky pink cream, pistachio cream, blue mint cream, raspberry cream or chocolate cream?   

Momocos Hair Color Wax (Japan)

Bring electrifying color to your Halloween look! The pink, purple, yellow, red, blue or luminescent wax’s color develops well even on dark hair! Simply apply an appropriate amount of wax to dry hair and dry it well. Complete with hair spray to improve color retention! To remove the wax, simply wash well with shampoo! And be careful not to use it on rainy days as it isn’t waterproof! 

Halloween Face Crayon Set or Makeup Palette (Japan)

This Japanese face crayon set or makeup palette are perfect for serving some truly terrifyingly cute looks! The 12-color palette features deep reds, magnetic blues and shimmering silvers to help you create your spook-tacular look! And the crayon set gives you the chance to play around and create Halloween artwork on your face and body to make your costume pop! Set everything with powder to help everything last through the long Halloween nights!

Melty Oil Tint (Japan)

Is this lip tint Halloween magic?! Thanks to the oil in the tint, this glossy lip tint keeps your lips colorful and smooth without drying them out! You don’t even need a base! And the handy size makes it easy to carry with you, whether you’re trick-or-treating or flying a broom to the nearest party!

Unicorn Point Pack (Korea)

These unicorn point packs will have your skin feeling dreamy! Hyaluronic acid gives these point packs an amazing hydrating effect, while the lavender scent will have you heading to a dream land! And make sure to try these hydrating patches on not only your face, but your elbows and knees too!

Happy Halloween Bath Powder (Japan)

Even queens need to relax! This Japanese Halloween bath powder not only turns the water pumpkin orange, but also has a sweet aroma! The perfect self care for candy lovers!

Unicorn or Mermaid Sheet Mask (Korea)

What’s Halloween without a little fantasy?! Transform into a unicorn (purifying & soothing) or mermaid (glowing & hydrating) with these cute art sheet masks! Be sure to share your transformation on social media!

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