types ofproducts

carefully-selected japanese beauty products that make you feel glam every day and will help to highlight your best features. the cool packages showcase japan's attention to the outer beauty that reflects the inner you.


skincare products that look good on your skin and improve its overall complexion. items include face masks, makeup removers, toners, etc.


because it’s not only your face that will get refreshed. treat yourself to a real japanese beauty experience with these luxurious products. items include deep moisturizing body masks, body creams, nail care, etc.


japanese beauty that does not discriminate. not only do they make your skin look good, but they’ll make you feel good as well. items include lip gloss, mascara, eyeshadow, etc.


good hair will complete any look. get the perfect hair with these products. items include shampoos and conditioners, styling products, treatments, etc.


every bath you take should be special, so why not pamper yourself with bath goods that smell good and use ingredients unique to japan? items include soap bars, japanese bath bombs, body scrubs, etc.


these convenient tools and accessories will help with your overall beauty routine. items include makeup brushes and applicators, makeup cases, hair accessories, etc.

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