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Frequently Asked Questions

Please make sure that coupon code BLACK is applied to your order so your item(s) will be shipped together with your nomakenolife box. Without the coupon code your box will unfortunately be shipped without item(s).

You can't choose your bonus item(s) but we will make sure that you won't receive doubles!

Subscribe for a 12-month plan for 4 bonus items, 6-month plan for 3 bonus items, 3-month plan for 2 bonus items and 1-month plan for 1 bonus item!

You bonus item(s) will be shipping together with your nomakenolife December box!

Don't worry! You can get bonus item(s) by extending your current plan! You can do so by logging into the customer portal!

Because we want everyone to have a chance to win we will select and contact the winners of the big prizes by email after the promotion has ended. The prizes will be shipped seperately from your box.

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