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K-Beauty Zoo Bonus

Now is your chance to score a FREE bonus item with nomakenolife! Sign up with code ZOO for a guaranteed bonus item from popular brands including Etude House and Tony Moly from Korea! Current subscribers can upgrade/extend their plan to get in on the deal.

Promo ends February 29, 2020

12 Month Plan + Tony Moly bling cat jelly tint

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BEST VALUE! Get a 12 month nomakenolife plan + a FREE Tony Moly bling cat jelly tint! This cute cat tint from popular Korean brand Tony Moly has a jelly-like texture that is ultra moisturizing and glossy, yet long-lasting! You will get 1 random jelly tint in one of the popular colors that we picked.

You Save $42.00
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6 Month Plan + Etude House missing u hand cream

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POPULAR! Get a 6 month nomakenolife plan + a FREE Etude House missing u hand cream! This hand cream from popular Korean brand Etude House includes the moisturizing ingredients olive oil and shea butter extract. You will get 1 random hand cream from these 4 options: Fairy penguin (baby powder scent), pink dolphin (peony scent), harp seal (green tea scent) panda (peach scent)

You Save $18.00
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3 Month Plan + Tony Moly kiss kiss lip patch

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Get a 3 month nomakenolife plan + a FREE Tony Moly kiss kiss lip patch! This hydrogel lip patch from Korean brand Tony Moly comes in adorable chick packaging. It contains vitamin C and plenty of nutrients to nourish dry lips.

You Save $4.50
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Monthly Plan + Zoo bath powder

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Get a monthly nomakenolife plan + a FREE Zoo bath powder! Get 1 random Japanese bath powder from these 4 variations: panda: bamboo leaf extract for moisture (herb scent), seal: collagen for moisture (floral scent), penguin: menthol to refresh (mint scent), polar bear: yuzu extract for moisture (orange scent).

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Frequently Asked Questions

Please make sure that coupon code ZOO is applied to your order so your bonus item will be shipped together with your nomakenolife box. Without the coupon code your box will unfortunately be shipped without item.

12 month plan subscribers: 1x Tony Moly bling cat jelly tint, 6 month plan subscribers: 1x Etude House missing u hand cream. 3 month plan subscribers: Tony Moly kiss kiss lip patch, monthly plan subscribers: 1x Zoo bath powder.

You bonus item will be shipping together with your nomakenolife March box!

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