Crayon Touch-Me Baked Sweets Eyeshadow

Love sweets? Try adding a bit of sweetness to your eyeshadow! With lovely dual-shades of brown based on your fave baked sweets, you can save time and make a lovely gradient eye look! Comes in 4 tasty assortments: Cheesecake, Financier, Florentin, and Brownie.

Oheya Mokomoko Dry Hair Band

A hair band that helps the hair? Yes, please! Just pop this microfiber hair band on to damp hair, and it’ll cut your drying time, protect easily damaged cuticles, and prevent those nasty germs that love wet hair. Comes in three fab colors: White, Pink, and Navy Blue.

Delicious Lip Cream Chupa Chups

That’s right! That Chupa Chups has been turned into a sweet-smelling lip cream with plenty of moisturizing power. It has a lovely melty texture that will lead to juicy lips that look as tasty as candy! Comes in three tasty scents: Cola, Pineapple, and Apple.

Essence Mask - Strawberry Yogurt

Yogurt isn’t just a healthy treat anymore! This mask uses the power of yogurt to both moisturize your skin and fight off dryness. It also helps to restore balance to your skin if you have a disrupted skin barrier!

Nobly Moisturizing Egg Pack

We use eggs for so many things, including baking our fave treats. This egg-shaped nighttime pack is easy to use and helps provide moisture for super smooth skin. Just mix, apply, and enjoy some sweet dreams. No need to rinse it off in the morning!

Etude House Sheet Mask

Need to freshen up your face for that sweet makeup look? We’ve got a Manuka honey mask from Etude House just for you. It’s as light as air but wraps around the skin oh-so nicely. Plus, it’s perfect for both firming and moisturizing the skin!

16Brand Candy Rock Sugar Party Shadow

16Brand comes from a top makeup artist in South Korea, Chosungah. And this sparkly shadow doesn’t disappoint! It’s water-based, full of moisture, doesn’t fade or fall, and gives gorgeous shine all day! Comes in two sweet colors: Pumpkin Sugar and Choco Sugar!

16Brand Fruit Chu Lip Tint

Chosungah made a lip tint that’s the perfect combo of water and matte tints, giving moisture to the lips with a soft, velvety finish. Comes in 6 fruit gummy-inspired colors: Apple Gummy, Apricot Gummy, Fig Gummy, Jujube Gummy, Peach Gummy, and Plumcot Gummy.

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