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Exfoliation Bubble Pack

When out enjoying the lovely summer weather, your nose usually takes a beating from things like the sun's rays and the wind. To help keep your nose smooth and lovely, we included this Exfoliation Bubble Pack. Simply rub a small amount of this on your nose. Continue to rub as it bubbles and old skin and dirt will fall away. Easy!

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Angelite U Eyeliner

From major cosmetic brand KOJI comes this angelic and cute waterproof liquid eyeliner. No need to worry about sweat, rain, or tears making your eyeliner run! When you do want to take it off, wipe it with warm water and, voila, it is gone!

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Puffy Bubble Foam Face Wash

Once you have exfoliated your nose and want to clean the rest of your face, you can use this puffy bubble foam face wash! Put a coin sized amount in your palm, massage it gently into your face, and feel the dirt and grime wash away! Rinse your face, then feel how moisturized and clean you skin feels!

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Setouchi Lemon Bath Salt

Now that your face is cleaned, start up a bath and toss in these amazingly fragrant lemon bath salts. These salts use real lemon juice from Setouchi, Japan to refresh your mood and make your skin glow once you are done soaking!

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Exfoliation Foot Mask

Wearing flip-flops around all summer can make your heels quite rough. So, let's smoothen those up with this Exfoliation Foot Mask! No scraping is required as this mask uses a blend of argan oil, hyaluronic acid, and 19 other natural botanical ingredients to make old skin peel right off. Only smooth skin is left behind!

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