Crayon Touch Me 3-Color Fruity Lip Palette

Pick your favorite color, mix them or create a trendy Korean ombre lip with this Fruity Lip Palette! In August’s box comes 1 lip palette in strawberry, cherry, peach or mandarin.

Crayon Touch Me Metallic Eyeliner

This metallic eyeliner makes your eyes shine bright like a diamond! This glossy shimmer eyeliner can be used on your eyelid or in the inner corner of your eyes to create the popular ‘Korean eyebags’ look. In This box comes 1 eyeliner in garnet, sapphire, emerald  or champagne pink!

Japanese Flower Puff

We almost got you fooled didn’t we? This flower puff doesn’t look like something you’d use for makeup at first, but it’s so useful and also so CUTE! This microfiber makeup puff applies powder flawlessly, give it a try with the Color Finish Powder that also comes in August’s box! 

Crayon Touch Me Color Finish Powder

It ain’t summer without some shimmer! In Korea girls prefer a dewy or shimmery finish for their base makeup, instead of a completely matte look. This pearly Color Finish Powder will make your complexion look more lively: apply it to parts of your face such as your cheekbones to make them pop! In August’s box comes 1 powder Glow White or Flair Beige.

Holika Holika Aloe 99% Soothing Gel

Natural, lightweight and cooling: this Holika Holika moisturizing face, body & hair gel is THE product you need this summer! We’re stoked to finally include this years long best-seller in our beauty box. 99% Aloe from Jeju Island was used to create this product: it calms irritated and inflamed skin making it feel refreshed, moisturized and firm. This product can even be used for your hair!

Lovisia Pokemon Cooling Gel

Yesss! Pokemon is making an appearance in August’s box! This limited edition packaging has strong summer vibes and features some of the cutest Pokemon: Pikachu & Pichu or JigglyPuff & Igglybuff. This grapefruit-scented  gel includes the cooling ingredients herb-robert and wild thyme and was especially made for cooling down skin that was sunburned to relieve pain and/or redness. It’s also free of parabens, alcohol and mineral oils, all natural!

Missha Glitter Prism Eyeshadow

Complete your summer look with this pressed glitter eyeshadow by popular Korean brand Missha! Even though the glitter in this eyeshadow looks chunky it applies smoothly with minimum fallout. In August’s box comes 1 of these new summer edition eyeshadows: no.11 Sunny Prism, no.12 Red Beam Prism or no.18 Picnic Prism.

Feferafe Ice Cream Sheet Mask

What’s summer in Seoul without ice cream? This Korean sheet mask includes  the ingredients green tea, strawberry and vanilla to cool and soothe the skin. For an extra refreshing experience: cool the sheet mask in your fridge before applying it for 15-20 minutes.

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