dodo Multi Face Color Palette

Take your time or do a quick makeup look with this all-in-one palette. With a highlighter, contour, and colors for both blush and eyeshadows, this palette is made for a full face look. Plus, it comes in two cute themes to match your vibe: Playful Red and Ladylike Purple.

Borica Plumper Extra Serum Lipstick

It’s more than just a lipstick! This stick plumper features glossy shine and an amber color that give off a more sensual and mature look. It even improves the lip’s texture, creating fresh and firm lips. Comes in 5 colors: Red, Orange, Brown, Rose, and Pink.

INTENTIO Marble Makeup Base

This makeup base is both multi-colored and multi-purpose. Whether you use it as a base or over other makeup, you’ll get both a cover and a skin corrector, acting to both fill pores and reduce shine. The colors are great for improving complexion and covering uneven color. 

Forest Charm Hot Eye Care Mask

After a long day, an eye mask is perfect for a quick refresh. This eye mask heats up to the perfect temperature for some warm, relaxing eye care. There are even cutouts for the eyes so you can read a book or use your smartphone at the same time! 

BATH with TEA Bath Salts

Ever wanted to just take a bath in your favorite tea? Well, we’ve got a bathtime treat for you! These bath salts come in 3 different scents: Darjeeling Tea, Citrus Tea, and Honey Milk Tea, all containing linalool, an aroma found in tea that helps with sleep and relaxation!

16Brand Mochi Pact Highlight

Looking for silky smooth, brilliant shine? This highlighter is more than just cute. It has a moist texture that is perfectly smooth and silky for glowing skin. Comes in two fab colors: Peach Light (pink with gold pearl) and Orange Light (a lively orange beam color).

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