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Elle Vie Whitening Eye Cream

Say no to dark circles under your eyes! This Japanese whitening eye cream makes the skin around your eyes look youthful and flawless. The roller makes it easy to apply without using your fingers, no product will go to waste!

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Sho-Bi Glitter Hair Gel

Get your glitter on! In your box comes one of the 4 varieties of this festive glitter hair gel in party pink, dream blue, shiny silver or champagne gold.

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Champagne Japanese Hand Soap

Glam up your bathroom with this luxurious hand soap. In your box comes a pink or gold champagne bottle design, aren’t they cute?

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Japanese fake lashes - Champion lash

This month we’re taking glam to the next level, it’s time to be adventurous and try loooong lashes! Have fun creating a dramatic makeup look or wear them to a party. In your box comes 1 of the 11 random designs.

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 Etude House Tear Drop Liner

Add some sparkle to your makeup look with this eyeliner from one of our favorite Korean brands Etude House. In your box you’ll get one in pink, beige or white. 

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Glow Hill Makeup Morning Facial Mask

Did you have a rough night? Use this morning mask to give your skin a boost in only 5 minutes! It includes all the base skin care that you need: moisturizer, makeup base and skin cream.   

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Eyenlip Gold Peel Off Pack

This golden peel off pack will make your skin glow! This pack removes excess sebum and includes keratin to keep your skin youthful looking. 

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Japanese Rhinestone & pearl hair tie

Feel fancy with this cute hair tie featuring a heart, square, diamond or ribbon design with rhinestones and pearls.  

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