Love Liner Tea Color Palette

A Love Liner exclusive palette inspired by the beauty of morning tea, with soft and fresh colors for charming and chic looks.

Rice Oil Lip Balm

Experience the warmth of honey and ginger with our Shin Factory Rice Oil Lip Balm. This formula not only plumps but also provides a soothing sensation, like a cozy hug for your lips.

Veraclara Moisturizing Mask

Revitalize your skin with our peptide-infused mask, packed with collagen and elastin building blocks for healthy skin. Perfect for your morning routine or a relaxing bedtime ritual.

Angel Heart Lipstick

Elevate your holiday look with Eat My Lipstick's Angel Heart Lipsticks. These luxurious lipsticks offer a smooth application and a hydrating touch of squalane oil. Perfect for any occasion, day or night.

Dodo Glitter Holic Eyeshadow

Shine bright at every party you attend. Achieve jewel-like shimmer in a single stroke for a festive look.

Amifa Makeup Sponge

Makeup's best friend: small, easy-to-use sponge that's a game changer for your beauty routine! Designed to reach even the tiniest details, this little gem is your secret weapon for a flawless finish.

Nagara Heated Eye Mask

Perfect for tired eyes, it provides a rejuvenating experience. With a soothing temperature of 104F, embrace the gentle warmth and calming aroma for pure relaxation.

 G.H.S. Artistic Eyelashes

Artistic eyelashes from famous makeup artist Yasunori Shichijo from his G.H.S. makeup brand. Includes a chic case for easy storage and is available in three variations.

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