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Sparkling Eye Gloss in honey gold (Japan)

Feel glamorous during these romantic times with this Sparkling Eye Gloss in color honey gold!

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Colorful Cotton Balls (100pcs) (Japan)

These Colorful Cotton Balls are the cutest ever! They always come in handy as you can use them to remove makeup or nail polish.

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Fascy Moisture Bomb Hand Cream (Korean)

Seduce your date with the lovely scent of this trendy hand cream that comes in strawberry, peach, grapefruit or violet. Featuring the ingredients shea butter, macadamia nut oil and aloe vera, this hand cream is a true moisture bomb!

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G9Skin Milk Bomb Face Mask in Chocolate or Strawberry (Korean)

Have a relaxing self pampering night with this lovely Milk bomb Face Mask in chocolate or strawberry!

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Crayon Touch me Lip Gloss in Shiny Orange (Japan)

Cute and practical! This shiny lip gloss by Crayon Touch Me comes in a subtle orange color that goes with everything.

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Tony Moly or Etude House Eyebrow Pencil (Korea)

Make sure your eyebrows are on fleek for Valentine’s Day! In your box comes a Tony Moly or Etude House eyebrow pencil that will help you fill in your eyebrows perfectly.

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Savon De Chocolate Soap (Japan)

Hmmm! This chocolate soap smells so good, you would almost take a bite! This moisturizing soap feels creamy on the skin like real fondant chocolate.

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Flower Puff in Pink or White (Japan)

Valentine’s Day flowers wither but not this cute Japanese Flower Puff that is perfect for everyday use!

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