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Melliesh 3-way multi heart

You just gotta love multi-purpose makeup products, that’s why we included this cute balm from Japanese brand Melliesh in this month’s beauty box. The case even has a small mirror so you can apply your makeup on the go! In February’s box comes one Melliesh 3-way multi heart in pink, cherry red, rich brown or cassis berry.

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Beauty World makeup palette

The Beauty World makeup palette will have you covered this Valentine’s Day! Create endless looks with this Japanese 10-color palette with colors suitable for your eyes, cheeks and face. In your box comes one of the four varieties: Daily Color, Elegant Color, Tropical Color or Natural Color. 

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Momocos colored eye pencil

Do you remember the cute Momocos monsters from our previous beauty boxes? Previously we’ve included a lipgloss and a blush, this time you can complete your collection with a colored eye pencil!

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Holika Holika heart crush lipstick creamy velvet

This heart-shaped lipstick is every girl’s dream! The velvet matte finish is just what you need to create a romantic Valentine’s day look that will turn heads. In your box comes one of the nine pink, red, coral or beige colors.

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A’pieu chocolate milk sheet mask

What is a must-have for Valentine’s Day? Besides love, we believe chocolate is the correct answer! This sheet mask from Korean brand A’Pieu uses the ingredient cacao to remove dead skin cells and milk essence to moisturize the skin.

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Medius heart eye mask

As you may know, the skin around our eyes is very delicate and in need of extra care, that’s why we’re sure that you will fall in love with this heart-shaped hydrogel eye mask! Can you resist the lovely rose scent?

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Capsa Lip Plumper

No need to try the lip challenge, with the Capsa lip plumper you can achieve full lips with the help of  pepper extract. In your box comes either a red gloss, a clear gloss or a moisturizing lip serum.

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Dear My Soap Japan

Get ready for the cutest soap of the year! This heart-shaped soap bar has a sweet bulgarian rose scent. In your box comes one in pink, blue or white.

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