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Japanese Juicy Face Mist

Stay moisturized and feel refreshed this summer with this face mist! Easily bring this travel-friendly sized face mist with you in your bag to refresh, when you’re out and about. In July’s box comes 1 of these 2 types: Peach (peach fragrance) or Tapioca (fruity fragrance).

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16 BRAND Fruit Chew Edition Lipstick

Isn’t the skittles-like packaging adorable? These lipsticks have a soft & moisturizing matte texture! The vibrant colors just scream summer and are perfect for a day at the beach or a night out! We’re excited to finally include a beauty product from Korean brand 16 BRAND, which became famous when it was recommended by popular Korean makeup artist Cho Sung Ah. In your box comes 1 of the 4 lipstick varieties: coral guava, orange grapefruit, strawberry or pink peach.

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Fruity Point Pack

Don’t forget to be kind to your skin in summer as well, it has a lot to endure from the sun and sweating. This cute & fruity point pack includes 10 moisturizing patches with hyaluronic acid and fruit extract that can be applied to your face and even your body. Apply it after rinsing off your regular skincare and leave it on for 15-20 minutes for the best result. In July’s box comes 1 strawberry, kiwi or lemon point pack.

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Fruity Face Pack

Oops! Did you get a sunburn? Try this fruity face pack to cool and moisturize your skin! Rinse your face and apply after your regular skin care for about 15 to 20 minutes for soft and firm skin. In July’s box comes a Strawberry or Peach face pack!

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Fruity Moisturizing Lip Cream

How cute is this Japanese lip cream? Use it on a hot summer day when you don’t feel like wearing a lot of makeup or use it as a base for the 16 BRAND lipstick also coming in this box. In July’s box comes a Peach, Cherry, Soda or Unicorn Lip Cream, you’re ready for a fruity kiss!

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Strawberry Milk Petit Soap

This adorable little strawberry milk soap smells sooo good! Isn’t a relaxing bath after a long summer day the best? It uses natural ingredients like strawberry extract, fruit juice and fermented milk to improve the condition of your skin and moisturize! You can even use this soap for soap carving, have you ever tried that?

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Pure Smile moisturizing Hand Jelly

Dry hands in summer? Try this fruit-scented hand jelly! Unlike hand cream it isn’t heavy or sticky and absorbs super fast. In July’s box comes 1 hand jelly in Cassis & Cherry Blossom, La France & Savon (Pear), Muscat Grape & Plumeria.

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Mystery Japanese Beauty Tool

Who doesn’t love a mystery gift? In July’s box comes a beauty tool from Sailor Moon, Sanrio or San-X! Maybe you will get a cute makeup organizer for your room, or an adorable makeup pouch!

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