Love Liner Romantic Bloom Eyeshadow Palette

Bring a romantic mood to your eyes with Love Liner’s Romantic Bloom collection. Inspired by the dahlia and lilac flowers these two different color schemes are sure to bring a floral beauty to your eyes. The Dahlia Bouquet Palette has 7 warm toned shades that add a touch of deep color to your looks. The Lilac Bouquet has 7 mauve tones that combine transparency and dewiness. 

DODO Double Crayon Eyeshadow

Enjoy 3 different colors in one eyeshadow stick with the DODO Double Crayon! This stick shadow has a base color with an accent color that you can use individually or combine to create a third blended color. Get 1 of the 5 color sets, Ruby, Amethyst, Emerald, Inca Rose, Sapphire.

DODO Multi Glitter

One glitter for all of your colorful and sparkly needs! This DODO Multi Glitter can go on your eyelids, lips, and even hair! Get 90s nostalgia with a sweet cotton candy scent. The formula is resistant to water, sweat, and rubbing. Perfect for a Harajuku look but also for fun and creative music festival fashion or a rave! Get 1 of 3 different colors, Universe Pink, Starlight Clear, and Aqua Moon

Neon Flash Nail Stickers

Get nail art that shines even on your night out. These summer festive nail stickers glow under a black light, perfect for the Tokyo summer nightlife! 

PRM Rainbow Point Eyelashes

Harajuku rainbow fashion isn’t just about the clothes. Get a head to toe Harajuku look with these Rainbow Point Eyelashes. Add the point lashes to the outer corners of your eyelash line for a kawaii effect! Please be careful when applying the eyelashes, and use skin safe eyelash glue to secure the lashes.

Sanrio Keychain Hand Soap

The cute travel accessories for a festival or night out! This cute Sanrio hand soap comes with a carabiner to attach to your bag, keys, or lanyard. Stay fresh no matter where the night takes you, get either Cinnamoroll with a pink grapefruit scent, Kuromi with a blackberry scent, or My Melody in a peach scent. 

theSAEM Natural Mask Sheet

Keep your skin moisturized with a natural sheet mask from theSAEM. The ingredients were gathered from all over the world to help lock in moisture and to provide a subtle relaxing scent. The sheet is soft and fits on the face snugly. Get 1 of 3 relaxing types, lemon, rose, or aloe

Hakusa Sheet Mask

The mask contains authentic koji amazake, a popular drink made from fermented rice, for a luxurious experience. Amazake is known to be moisturizing and said to improve skin texture and firmness. 

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