Dodo Cat Blush

Cute AND versatile: this Japanese cat blush includes three different shades each. In your box comes one of the four versions including pink and orange shades.

Jigott cat’s eye mascara

Bring your cat eye look to a new level with the Jigott cat’s eye mascara! In your box comes one of the three different versions: Perfect Volume, Power Curling or Super Lash.

Country & Stream oil block gel

Fight oily skin with the oil block gel from popular Japanese skincare brand Country & Stream. This gel effectively absorbs sebum making your T-zone look matte, smooth and flawless!

Holika Holika Pig Nose Clear Black Head 3-Step Kit

Controlling oily skin and large pores on our noses can be frustrating! The Holika Holika 3-step kit will help you to get rid of those stubborn black heads and minimize pores for clean and smooth skin

Kawaii Animal Headband

Transform into a cute animal with this soft animal headband! In your box comes a cat, rabbit or bear version. Use it every morning to keep your hair out of your face when washing your face, applying skincare or makeup.

Puorella aqua animal sheet mask

Bring out the animal in you with this fun Korean sheet mask! In your box comes a brightening & moisturizing panda mask, a nourishing & skin elasticity-improving cat mask or an anti-aging & moisturizing tiger mask!

Kawaii Japanese Animal hot eye mask

Relax after a long day with this insta-worthy animal hot eye mask! It warms up your eyes at 40 ℃. Try wearing it while doing chores or before going to bed. In your box comes one black cat, shiba inu, polar bear or panda mask.

Kawaii Japanese Cat Rose Bath Bomb

Meow! Try this cat bath bomb with a lovely rose scent! In your box comes a black, blue, yellow or special pink cat!

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