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C-TIVE Highlighter Set

This highlighter set comes in 2 versions: no.1 ‘pretty’ consists of a pearl and a honey colored highlighter, no.2 ‘lovely’ consists of a pearl and a sakura pink colored highlighter. The 2 colors you get can be mixed to suit all makeup styles and skin tones perfectly. The creamy powder melts into your skin for a glow that lasts all day!

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Felicela highlighter brush

To apply your C-tive highlighter perfectly we’ve also included this fancy highlighter brush by the Japanese brand Felicela! The slim tapered design makes it easy to highlight your cheekbones with precision. Made of PBT fibers, the brush is soft and also perfectly safe to use for people with animal allergies.

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Sweets Maison macaron bath bomb

This adorable turquoise bath bomb is inspired by French macarons, a popular treat among Japanese girls. The fragrant green tea aroma will surprise you and make you feel relaxed after a long day.

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Witch’s Pouch Peach Hand Cream

Keep your hands moisturized during the colder months with the Witch’s Pouch peach hand cream! This hand cream contains the ingredients betaine and allantoin which hydrate your skin without being sticky. You will keep reaching for this lovely peach scented hand cream!

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Be Creation Hand Mask

If your work-weary hands really need a boost then the Be Creation Hand Mask will come to your rescue! The intensively hydrating ingredients nourish your hands and even smooth out rough spots and cuticles. Put on the gloves and do what you would usually do without having to worry about the product spilling out.This is just what we need during the colder months!

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