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Witch's Pouch Lipstick

Time to cast a spell on those around you with enchanting lips! This lipstick brought to you by brand Witch's Pouch is inspired by witches which is perfect for Halloween. This lipstick comes in a burgundy wine or pinky purple color. Which did you get?

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Noyl Intensive Beauty Essence

Keep your skin shining with this intensive beauty essence. This essence uses natural hyaluronic acid to replenish moisture and keep your skin young. Use this before other beauty essences to amplify their effects.

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Kyonshi Zombie Face Mask

To celebrate Halloween, you can find a spooky face mask in this month's box! This kyonshi zombie face mask is filled with beauty essences to keep your skin plump and soft. If you turn the lights out while wearing it, you'll see it even glows in the dark!

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Pokemon Nail or Body Art

Let's get cute for Halloween with Japanese pop culture fave Pokemon! In this month's box you'll find either a set of adorable Halloween themed Pokemon body or nail art. These are perfect to spice up your Halloween season! Which did you get?

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Heart Puff Set

Feel like the Queen of Hearts this Halloween with this Heart Puff Set! This practical beauty tool set is the perfect way to make sure your makeup is applied and blended amazingly. The size of these puffs are perfect to take on the go or keep around the house!

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