Twisted Wonderland Eyebrow Pencil (Japan)

Love Disney? This amazing eyebrow pencil comes from Twisted Wonderland, the popular smartphone game inspired by Disney Villains. Comes in 7 colors: Rose Brown, Orange Brown, Ash Brown, Desert Brown, Mauve Brown, Dark Gray, or Deep Olive.

PLAY ON MAKE Mirage Eyeshadow Palette (Japan)

Ready for a magical eye look? Transform your eyes with a palette full of 9 magical colors in 6 different textures. With colors as deep as wine or as light as lavender, you can create a new look, like everyday is a new magic act!

Sailor Moon Push-Up Eyelash Curler (Japan)

The ultimate magical girls are here to add lift and curl to your lash look! This eyelash curler is made with a soft resin that fits to any shape and is safe for those with metal allergies. Get one of the 6 main characters: Sailor Moon, Chibi Moon, Mercury, Mars, Jupiter or Venus!

Nemune Bedtime Facial Mask (Japan)

Need a bedtime treat after a night of tricks? This face mask is a treat for the skin with moisturizing ingredients like collagen, hyaluronic acid, and CoQ10. Plus, it has a refreshing citrus blend scent designed to prepare the body for sleep.

Kawaii Sanrio Cosmetic Tool Stand (Japan)

Store your cosmetic items in style with this kawaii took stand from Sanrio.

Witch’s Pouch POPO Lipstick (Korea)

We’ve got some lip magic for you! This lovely lipstick combines moisturizing oils for just the right amount of shine and matte. Go full coverage for a witch-y look or a gradient for a magical girl look! Get 1 of 2 enchanting colors: Romantic Pink or Burgundy Wine!

Witch’s Pouch Liquid Highlighter (Korea)

Dazzle everyone with this amazing liquid highlighter! It melts into the skin, creating shine, dimension and a naturally smooth look! Plus you can layer it without worrying about smudging or fading. Comes in 2 dazzling colors: Peach or Beige!

Witch’s Pouch Mio Blusher (Korea)

Ready for enchanting cheeks? This blush was conjured using 4 herbal ingredients, like rosemary extract and lavender extract, for refreshing, vibrant color and natural smoothness. Comes in 4 magical colors: Alice Peach, Lauren Pink, Ariana Pink, or Lily Violet!

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