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30 June 2022 by Terrell

Hello lovelies!

Have a good summer vacation or staycation?

How do you like to spend your Sunday? In the West, we live for a more relaxed Sunday, usually choosing to live it up on Saturdays. However, in Tokyo, a Sunday is no lazy affair. Tokyoites get fully done up, head to toe, with full makeup, a stylish outfit, and cute accessories just to enjoy a full day out.

Two women enjoy looking at jewelry of many varieties in a store in Tokyo on a Sunday.

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For the average Tokyo gal, Sunday morning is the slower part of the day. Opposite to the busy weekday mornings, the Tokyo fashonista takes their time getting ready, pulling out all their best makeup techniques for a full, high-quality look. When you’re all ready in your stylin’ Sunday look, it’s time to go out. Shopping in many of Tokyo’s shopping districts is the best way to get more on-trend looks.

Women walk down a street of the fashion district Omote-Sando, with teen girls sitting in front of a store waiting to enter.

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Or maybe, make a quick café get-together with one of your friends! In fact, many Tokyoites take up café-hopping as a hobby. But not just any café will do. It has to be stylish, Insta-worthy, and have plenty of tasty drink and snack options. Many Japanese people have a sweet tooth too, so a Sunday café with Insta-worthy desserts, like pancakes, is the perfect way to enjoy their day off.

Two fluffy pancakes topped with whipped cream, strawberries, and a scoop of vanilla ice cream on a plate red and white plate in a Tokyo cafe.

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For many fashionistas, Sunday is your time to shine with fab makeup and fashion style. No matter how you choose to spend it, from stylish cafes to simple park strolls, you have to look your best. That’s why we’re getting you the latest in J&K-beauty, so you can enjoy some Sunday stylin’ too!

Try them out and share a stylish Sunday selfie with the #nomakenolife and #nmnlstylin hashtags! We're looking forward to seeing your stylish Tokyo-inspired Sunday looks!

Stay gorgeous, stay fabulous




A stylish woman smiles and touches her earring as the lights from trees sit in the background on a fashion street in Tokyo

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