Anime Fashion Is a Thing in Japan and It's Fabulous

08 June 2021 by Paulomi

Anime and fashion come from two very different worlds. Of course, anime is loved by many around the world - but in recent years it has become more and more clear that Japanese street fashion has been influenced by anime. From major runways to shopping streets, there has been an anime-inspired revolution in the fashion industry!

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What is Anime?

Anime is adapted from Japanese comics called Manga. Since the inception of manga, it’s animated counterpart, anime, has become hugely popular among comic lovers in Japan, and over time it has formed a massive community of comic lovers across the globe. 

While it is a common belief for the rest of the world that cartoons are mostly for kids, in Japan, anime is equally popular with adults. In fact - a lot of these Anime series come with adult themes. The love for anime is so intense among fans that it has started influencing their lifestyles as well as their hobbies, and in response, the fashion industry has become inspired by anime. So, it should be no surprise to hear about an anime themed party fashion show, because in Japan, Anime inspired fashion is quickly gaining in popularity.   

How Does Anime Inspire Fashion?

When one talks about Japanese fashion, it is often associated with mute colors, either formal fitted clothes, or simple comfortable outfits on the weekend. Anime lovers have chosen a different lifestyle. Anime brought a major revolution in the japanese fashion industry, especially in street styles. While visiting Harajuku or Akihabara, it’s hard not to notice anime inspired fashion in abundance. Anime inspired colors and print styles are becoming the new wardrobe essentials for Anime lovers across Japan.

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Anime fashion trends

There are essentially two main types of common Anime inspired fashion. The first one being closer to cosplay, with fans dressing up like their favorite characters. This includes people wearing capes and robes or other eccentric pieces. On the other hand you have fans symbolizing their favourite anime characters - maybe with an accessory, or maybe with regular streetwear essentials like converse, T-shirts, hats, ties, etc. These types of outfits are most commonly worn in informal settings like shopping streets, restaurants, or meetups.

As popular as it is becoming in Japan, anime inspired fashion is facing some serious backlash. Many believe that anime fashion is against the typically accepted Japanese culture. That said, it’s easier for anime lovers to identify other fellow anime lovers when they see others wearing an outfit or using an accessory featuring their favourite show or character. Thus, it helps in socialising with other like-minded people. That’s never a bad thing!

Brands Getting Into Anime Fashion

Anime inspired fashion has become so popular lately that it’s even hit the runway! High end brands have put a positive foot forward and embraced this new style. Dior, Moschino, Louis Vuitton and many other high-end brands have gone all in on anime inspired fashion. Bold colors, funky prints, and flashy outfits have been the talk of the fashion town. From starting a Louis Vuitton show with the theme song from Ghost in the Shell (a perennial cyberpunk favorite)  to the anime inspired menswear collection by Prada, fashion took a huge leap. Some of the most popular faces of the fashion industry have taken active participation in promoting the new style. 

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Luxury brands x Anime collabs

Some of the top notch luxury brands have been seen collaborating with popular anime properties. Check out some of the most exciting collaborations happening this year and into 2022:

Gucci x Doraemon  

Gucci released a Doraemon capsule collection earlier this year. The collection had men’s sneakers, shoulder bags, medium suitcases, sweatshirts, t-shirts, trousers, shorts, hoodies, watches etc. The price range was set between 189 USD & 5,351 USD.

Loewe x My Neighbour Totoro

My Neighbor Totoro is one of the most beloved anime films. But for the first time, Totoro joined hands with the luxury brand Loewe to get its first fashion statement. My Neighbour Totoro & Loewe capsule collection was launched in January 2021. The collection featured a range of accessories and other products. 

Coach x Mickey Mouse

The most exciting was the Coach and Mickey Mouse collaboration. A collection of accessories and apparel featuring Keith Haring’s illustrations of Mickey Mouse. The collection features silk scarves, clutches, and backpacks depicting Mickey being zapped by a UFO.

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