Mac Cosmetics Launches the Black Cherry Collection 2021 to Enhance Your Sakura Makeup Look

12 April 2021 by Paulomi

It’s spring time! And it is needless to define how cherry blossoms add to the beauty of this season. But these little pink flowers are here to blanket the cities only for a few days. However, if you want you can preserve the joy of cherry blossoms through the Sakura inspired makeup products by your favourite makeup brand. MAC cosmetics is back with its beautiful MAC Sakura collection once again. 

The MAC Sakura collection 2021 looks as dreamy as a spring night covered with Sakura. The makeup brand launched the Boom Boom Bloom collection in spring 2019 which was quite popular among the makeup lovers. The Metallic and black packaging with pastel flowers on top makes the black cherry collection look super gorgeous. 

MAC limited edition Sakura cosmetics

MAC limited edition packaging has always been the most exciting and popular among makeup lovers. You can rock that dewy Sakura makeup look with MAC Black cherry collection that includes the popular MAC Fix +, Lip primer, Glow Play lip balms & lipsticks, 24H ultra fine liner, the Dreamgirl Lash and of course the Extra Dimension Blushes. The makeup brand did not include an eyeshadow palette in this spring 2021 collection.

All the products look super amazing with the black and metallic pink flowers on it. The products also have a matte finish to the packaging.

Products In Sakura 2021 Collection

First up, is the MAC fix + and I am sure it is everyone’s favourite fixing spray and it needs no introduction. MAC Fix+ is the most common item in almost all MAC collections. They repackaged it with the cool pink and white flowers for the season.

Products that most of the people are excited about are the MAC Black Cherry Extra Dimension Blushes. They have five beautiful shades in the collection. However, there are only 3 shades available for now on the website. The shade Dilly dolly gives a light pink shade to your cheeks and would be the best to achieve the Sakura makeup look. Look Don’t touch is a Coral Apricot shade again a must to get that Sakura makeup look. On the other hand, Under My plum is a plummy pink color more on the darker side compared to the other two shades and would work best for evening or night parties. All the shades look super gorgeous and it has a smooth powdery formula that you will love. The product comes in a beautiful metallic compact with pastel flowers on the black lid. 

Various shades of MAC Cosmetics Sakura collection makeup

The collection also includes a MAC Brushstroke 24H Liquid Eyeliner pen. It is perfect for creating winged lines on your eyes. There’s nothing much in the packaging of this product. It comes in a simple black body with metallic pink writing on it and a metallic pink lid.

Next in line are the lip products in the Black Cherry Collection. There are two types of lip products in the Black Cherry collection Lipsticks and the Aqua jelly Lip Balms. The packaging of the lipsticks and the lip balms adorn the beautiful Black Cherry theme.

Let’s have a look at the lipsticks in the MAC Sakura Collection. It has a rich matte lipstick formula with high-colour payoff and a creamy matte finish in three Sakura inspired shades. Compared to the blushes or the lip balms the lipsticks in the collection have brighter shades. They have 3 beautiful shades in the collection viz. Moody Bloom which is a Bright Red shade, Bloombox has a Bright Salmon Pink shade and is my favourite shade in the lot, Dramarama has a beautiful Pink Coral shade. The packaging of the lipsticks are as beautiful as the shades are.

MAC Cosmetics Sakura lipstick shades

The MAC Aqua Jelly lip balms are my favourite in the MAC Black Cherry Collection. The lip balms have a jelly formula which keeps your lips moisturised for a long time besides giving your lips a beautiful tint. The lip balms are packed with nourishing ingredients as well so it is good for your lips. It also makes your lips look smooth and supple. The lip balms are super lightweight as well. So, it’s a perfect choice for Sakura makeup. 

The collection also contains a MAC Black Cherry 36 Dreamgirl Lash. It is a perfect mix of Black and brown to enhance your eye makeup. Though not everyone would be interested in this as the other products in the range seem to be more interesting. 

Other than these, they also have a MAC Black Cherry Prep + Prime Lip in the collection. It is a colorless lipstick base. It adds moisture to the lips and makes them look more refined and smooth. The product comes in a black body with a metallic pink lid.

MAC Black Cherry Cosmetics

The promotion for MAC Black Cherry Limited Edition perfectly suits the Japanese beauty & makeup looks. The model in the promotion is seen in a bare makeup look with just a little color on the cheeks, winged eyeliner and a beautiful pink tint on the lips. 

The MAC Black Cherry edition is one of the most exciting collections. With everything looking so dreamy, floral and colorful one may actually feel the aura of cherry blossoms. It seems the makeup brand knows it weIl what exactly makeup lovers are looking for when it comes to beauty products. Altogether, it is a perfect collection for the cherry blossom season. Also, the names of the products are so catchy. So, if you are looking to revamp your makeup kit this season for the upcoming spring parties. You should definitely get at least some of the items from this collection.

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