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01 November 2021 by Jenna

Hey there sugarplums!

Halloween is officially behind us and the holidays are approaching fast! In Japan, people LOVE Christmas and New Years. For young people, Christmas is a chance for some winter fun. Whether it’s enjoying a festive date, a fab Christmas party featuring fried chicken, or a quiet night with a Christmas Cake, it’s always a good time.

A couple looks in the window of a display at a store around Christmas time.

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New Years is a bit more important and traditional, but can be just as fun. This holiday spans several days of traditions while people get together for parties with their families to start the new year off right.

A young woman in a kimono participates in the New Year prayer (hatsumode) with a nature scene behind her

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There’s also some extra winter magic in Japan thanks to winter illuminations at locations like temples, castles, or shopping streets, a perfect event for an Instagram adventure. Even stylish shopping streets have lights to give that extra holiday feel.

The light tunnel in Nagoya with many people walking underneath holding umbrellas or taking pictures.

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At NMNL, we can’t help but get into the spirit here in Tokyo. So, this month, we’re gifting you some Christmas magic with beauty and skincare items to help you be the queen of this winter season! Try out the products and show us a winter holiday look, whether it’s Christmas, Hanukkah, Kwanzaa, or anything else! 

We're ready to see some winter holiday spirit!

Stay gorgeous, stay fabulous




A girl holding a small shopping bag above her head with Christmas lights behind her.

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