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28 February 2022 by Terrell

Hello sweet peas!

It's starting to warm up a little and spring is coming! Ready for a trip to Seoul?

It should come as no surprise that we love Seoul. I mean, what’s not to love? It’s a huge city that has become a capitol of fashion, beauty, food, and culture! No matter what you're into, there's a place for it in Seoul.

The streets of Seoul lit up with many neon lights as people walk down the streets checking out the different stores and restaurants.

Image via Shutterstock

Areas like Gangnam, Dongdaemun, and Apgujeong are packed with the latest in fashion and beauty, making them shoppers' paradises. From high-end stores, to more avant-garde Korean fashion, you can find it all in these places. It's so popular, in fact, that you may even run into your fave K-pop and K-drama stars in these areas.

A street in Gangnam with many people enjoying shopping on the street

Image via Shutterstock

And don’t even get me started on the food. Seoul has everything from satisfying street foods to high-class dining experiences. As you adventure around the city, you'll see plenty of Insta-worthy restaurants, cafes, and food stalls just waiting to be explored. The cafes in particular are full of delectable drinks, treats, and sweets to enjoy!

A tray of BT21 sweets, a cup of coffee, and a cup of ice cream topped with cookies with Line Friends wet wipes and a card on the tray.

Image via Shutterstock

Speaking of sweets, we’ve got plenty of stylin J&K-beauty products that are a real treat for the eyes and will have you looking as sweet as Seoul’s most popular desserts! Try them out and share your sweetest look with the #nomakenolife and #nmnlsweet hashtags! 

We're looking forward to all the super sweet looks you all are going to create!

Stay gorgeous, stay fabulous




A young Korean woman wearing sunglasses and makeup enjoys a sweet ice cream treat in Seoul at an ice cream stand.

Image via Shutterstock

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