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31 May 2022 by Terrell

Hello lovelies!

We hope you enjoyed a nice self-care moment!

Well, let’s extend that moment because it’s time for a vacation. As we’ve told you about before, Japanese people work so hard, so they love to make the most of a vacation. So whether it’s a staycation, a day-trip, or a whole week-long excursion, we’re here to help with some vacation vibes!

A Japanese woman wearing a sun hat looks at a map with Osaka castle in the background on a sunny day.

Image via Shutterstock

Tokyo is a massive city with so much to do, but even we Tokyoites want to get out sometimes. There’s so much to do in Japan with plenty of cities to fit any vibe. If you want that more traditional Japanese vibe while wearing a yukata (Japanese summer wear), Kyoto’s your bet. But if you want a party city with plenty of street food, check out Osaka.

A Japanese couple walk down an old-style street in Kyoto Japan wearing a yukatas as they walk past two women in yukata too, enjoying the traditional Japanese vacation vibes

Image via Shutterstock

Seoul has plenty to offer too in terms of shopping, culture, and food, but why not head to Jeju Island for a beach holiday? You know their green tea is famous in the skincare world. Or how about colorful Busan for a bit of culture and art by the sea?

A Korean woman in a jean jacket, white shirt, and sunglasses poses in front of the buildings of Busan next to a sign in Korean.

Image via Shutterstock

Exploring Japan and South Korea isn’t the only way to enjoy a vacation though. A staycation is totally fine too! So we’re sending you some J&K-beauty items perfect for channeling that vacation spirit anytime, anywhere! Whether you want to treat yourself at home on your day off or spend all day out and about on holiday, we got you covered!

Try them out and share your cutest vacay selfie with the #nomakenolife and #nmnlvacay hashtags! We're looking forward to seeing your vacay looks!

Stay gorgeous, stay fabulous




A Korean woman stands in the yellow flower fields of Jeju Island while pulling her hair back and smiling, feeling the vacation vibes.

Image via Shutterstock

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