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31 July 2022 by Terrell

Hello lovelies!

Did you enjoy a stylish Tokyo-style Sunday?

I’m sure you’ve heard all about ‘summer love’, but do you know about “Hito Natsu No Koi”. It means “love for one summer”. In other words, it's a special kind of love that starts in summer and ends before Japan starts to cool down. But why just one summer?

Japanese couple give a side hug on the beach with the sun starting to set in the background.

Image via Shutterstock

There’s something about summer that makes everyone in Japan want to fall in love! Maybe it’s the heat, the stylish summer outfits, or maybe the beachside fun and memories. Whatever the reason, some studies say that up to a whopping 47% of people have had one of these 'one summer loves'.

Japanese woman meets her date while wearing a yukata.

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Either way, ladies all over Japan look for that summer-only love in light but cute makeup looks and fun summery outfits. Skincare is a must in summer to help make sure your makeup stays. Eye or lip makeup in pinks, red, and yellows dominate the season and create allure to help impress that special someone. Then, after you find your summer love, it's time to go all out with fun summer dates at seaside locations like Yokohama Bay.

Many builidngs, a colorful ferris wheel, and the famous red brick warehouse with a sunset in the background.

Image via Shutterstock

Whether you’re going on a summer date, looking for summer love, or just looking to enjoy a fun summer day with friends, we got you the latest and loveliest J&K-beauty, perfect for a love-ly summer look!

Try them out and share your best summer date look with the #nomakenolife and #nmnlkiss hashtags! You may win some great prizes if you do!

Stay gorgeous, stay fabulous




A Japanese couple walks on the beach with both women having an arm around each other while one holds a camera.

Image via Shutterstock

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