Top 4 Japanese ‘Puchipura’ Makeup Brands!

14 June 2019 by Sabrina

Japanese and Korean makeup brands are definitely on trend and unique a lot of the time! They can also be quite expensive however...Σ(T□T) If some of your favorite brands seem a little too hard on your budget then we have the answer for you! Have you heard of the word ‘puchipura’? ‘Puchipura’ Japanese word used mostly by teens or millennials to describe affordable items. There are quite a few brands, even well known high end ones that have their own ‘puchipura’ line of cosmetics! We’re here to give you our suggestions on our 4 most recommended brands.

1. Cezanne

Cezanne is well known in Japan for their practical and convenient products. Cezanne’s most famous line uses ingredients that are pure and safe, so you can be almost guaranteed their makeup will be safe for your skin!

Cezanne tries to keep things simple: their formulas, packaging and the usage. For a makeup lover, it’s the perfect alternative between pursuing quality, comfort, at a great price! They’re also highly recommended in the Summer as they have a ton of anti-UV products that are as efficient as they are kawaii!

2. Canmake

The Japanese have become well known for their fusion of functionality and cuteness in almost anything possible. And this is what the brand CANMAKE has been selling to the masses for 30 plus years now! All of their products exude an air of being products straight from a Princesses table, yet all of their products are also completely convenient for any situation. They’re probably one of the most well known of the ‘puchipura’ brands too, so you’ll easily find their products whenever you need them!

3. Majolica Majorca

Every single product from this brand has the appearance of a magical item, not to mention the name sounding like something straight out of Sailor Moon! Did you know,  Majolica Majorca is also owned by Shiseido? Not only that, but to add to the magic of the brand, each product you buy has a small emblem that’s embedded with a hidden message behind it. Magical! (∩^o^)⊃━☆゚.*・。゚A lot of people are fans of Majolica Majorca because of the unique and playful packaging. To make things even better, their products are also known for its high pore coverage and beautifully pigmented eyeshadow for the price!

4. Integrate

Integrate is actually Shiseido’s own puchipura cosmetic line that you can buy from amost all Japanese konbini. Accessibility to trusted puchipura cosmetics is a super important matter for busy Japanese women. Who knows when you might need to touch up your makeup for a sudden business meeting, for a night out, or for a hot date! This brand definitely has the air of an important busy woman with their look and packaging. Classy and sophisticated, yet at a reasonable price!

What do you think of our top suggestions? Are you a fan of ‘puchipura’ makeup now? Are there any similar brands where you live that you rely on? Speaking of which, what is your must have makeup item you need by your side every day? As always, let us know in the comments below!

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