Skin care for lazy girls: introducing Japanese brand Saborino!

14 April 2019 by Jojo

Is the 10-step Korean skin care routine or even the 7-step Japanese skin care routine too much effort for you? Are you a lazy girl who still wants to look her best? Keep reading because Saborino might be the brand that you've been looking for! The name 'Saborino' was based on the word saboru サボる which means to slack off or to skip class and this is exactly how the Japanese beauty brand works! Combining the best ingredients, Saborino has created products that will make your skin routine quicker and easier!

Amongst Saborino's best selling products are the morning face sheet masks and the night face sheet masks. What makes these face masks unique is that you don't need any other skin care products: the all-in-one formula includes all that you need for a full skin care routine and you only have to leave this face mask on for 60 seconds! One pack comes with 32 sheet masks which will last you a whole month for only 1,300yen ($11)! You can also get a 5 sheet pack for 390 yen ($3) if you just want to try it out. The packaging allows you to easily take out one sheet mask at a time.

The morning face sheet masks prep your face for the day and makes your skin feel fresh. The most popular version is fruit & herb which ranked number 2 as the best facial for the @cosme beauty awards. There is also a mint & grapefruit, mixed berry and kiwi & yogurt variation. It gives you a 3-in-1 performance that includes cleansing, skincare and primer! Some of the main ingredients are hyaluronic acid, collagen and honey.

I've recently got to try the fruit & herb morning sheet mask pack and I like how the minty sensation really wakes you up in the morning. Afterwards your skin feels very moisturized but also a little sticky which is probably the 'priming' effect. So far I really enjoy this product, the only con is that (at least the fruit & herb variation) might not be great for girls with oily skin. It is also noticeable that these are 'light' masks that don't give the same effect as extremely nourishing Korean or Japanese face masks (like Lululun) which are supposed to be left on for 15-30 minutes which is fine since they should take care of a basic skin routine anyway!

The Saborino night time facial sheets only comes in 2 variations: the popular chamomile & orange and the figs & berries for extra moisture. The scents are very pleasant and calming. The night version of the sheets have a 5-in-1 formula including keshousui + nyueki + beauty serum + facial cream + night pack) (read more about Japanese skin care terms and vocabulary here!) Same goes for these facial sheets: just apply it for 60 seconds and you're ready to go to bed!

Lastly, for extra lazy girls there is also the Saborino night mist! This all-in-one facial mist allows you to 'apply' your skin care in a few seconds! It includes keshousui, nyueki, beauty serum and facial cream!

What do you think about Saborino's products, are you a lazy girl and is this just what you need or do you prefer a more elaborate skin care routine? Let us know in the comments below!

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