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The Black Tea Youth Enhancing range has released a total of four products including ampoule, eye serum, mist and a moisturising cream.

The formula to get glowing smooth skin involves good sleep, lots of fluids, green vegetables  & fruits (full of powerful antioxidants), and, of course, a tension-free lifestyle. In this fast-paced world, balancing work and life it becomes difficult to maintain everything for most of us. But who doesn’t want clear & glowing skin? A few years back, our grandmothers would have told us there’s no shortcut to glowing skin. Innisfree the Korean skincare giant known for its Green Tea products around the world has now come up with their amazing Black Tea line of products to enhance your skin. 

The Innisfree Black Tea Youth Enhancing range includes a total of four products: an ampoule, cream, eye serum and ampoule mist. The brand did not release any emulsion for this line. The Ampoule is the most popular product in the range. It has been clinically studied for its moisturizing & hydrating ingredients. 

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The Black Tea Youth Enhancing line consists of reset concentrate. It was obtained by extracting 80% fermented black tea which is strong in antioxidants and anti ageing components for 12 hours in 80-degree mineral water. This pre-fermented black tea also has a higher content of Amino acid compared to other post-fermented black tea products. The anti-ageing component in the products in this line is making it famous among people.

The amount of stress, lack of sleep, pollution has a tremendous impact on your skin. The Innisfree Black Tea Youth Enhancing line helps in preventing your skin from premature ageing. The Black Tea Youth Enhancing line helps the skin to rejuvenate overnight. It improves skin fatigue, dullness, dryness, texture and gives you healthy & glowing skin.

Black Tea Youth Enhancing Ampoule Mist

The Innisfree Black Tea Youth Enhancing Ampoule Mist is just what you need to in case you are noticing fine lines or premature ageing of your skin. It comes with a double functional formula for wrinkles and whitening. This hypoallergenic ampoule tones up the skin texture. It comes in a 120 ml spray bottle. It is a highly moisturizing mist. It restores and nourishes the skin when sprayed on the skin. This mist can also be used as a toner after cleansing the skin. It also relieves dryness and leaves the skin glowing. It can be sprayed on the skin regularly to get rid of dryness. The Youth Enhancing Ampoule Mist suits all skin types. 

A small bottle of Innis free korean skincare product.

Black Tea Youth Enhancing Eye Serum

The Black Tea Youth Enhancing Eye Serum comes in a 15ml bottle. This product helps in brightening the eye areas. It also helps restore the condition of fatigue and tiredness around the eyes. It is extremely lightweight when compared to other eye creams. It has a light gel-type texture that moisturises and gives a firm finish to the skin when applied around the eyes. It is also good to be used around the eyes before you go out or you put on your makeup as it has a really light texture and doesn’t make your skin look heavy. 

A small bottle of Innisfree korean skincare product.

Black Tea Youth Enhancing Ampoule

This is the most popular product of the Black Tea Youth Enhancing line. It is also known as a night intensive care ampoule. It is a reset concentrate for night care solution for areas that need intensive care. It resets and restores the condition of tired and fatigued skin and nourishes the skin back to health. This product became so popular among people that it registered more than 10,000 units of sale in the first 10 months of its launch. The product is packed with mild skin ingredients and antioxidant properties. It is also very cost-effective. It is also said that it contains a triple night defence formula. The Black Tea Youth Enhancing Ampoule comes in a 30ml bottle. Though it is a highly concentrated ampoule, the formula is light and absorbs quickly into the skin. It also leaves your skin moisturised for a long time.       

Black Tea Youth Enhancing Cream

This night intensive care cream recharges your skin to substitute a good night sleep for your skin. This night intensive care cream also quickly restores the condition of your skin. This product balances the vitals of your skin inside out. It helps provide care for a firm and glowy skin. The texture of this cream is thick and it is very nourishing. When applied it melts on to the skin very easily. Also, it absorbs quickly to the skin and does not leave the skin feeling very heavy and stuffy. It makes the skin feel moist for long hours. When applied to the skin during the night followed by the Youth Enhancing Ampoule it makes the skin feel moist until the next morning. This is recommended for sensitive skin as it has weakened skin barriers. 

Altogether, the Black Tea Youth Enhancing line is recommended if you are looking for anti-ageing products for your skin. It adds elasticity and moisturises your skin like none other!

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