Top 5 Japanese Skincare Hacks!

09 January 2019 by Leilani

When most people first arrive to Japan, it is a pretty common reaction to be blown away by how beautiful the women are. To say the least, their skin is IMPECCABLE. It’s almost like stumbling into a society of people who permanently have a Snapchat filter on. Japanese women know that when it comes to youthful beauty, it starts with skincare. So it is no surprise that the world has turned to Asian skincare to learn a thing or two. Here are the top 5 Japanese skincare hacks that you can incorporate into your routine!

1. Sunscreen! Sunscreen! Sunscreen!

Sunscreen is finally getting the recognition it deserves! But this has been in Japanese skincare for so long that it is no longer seen as a secret. Contrary to popular belief, sunscreen should be worn rain or shine, cloudy or clear! Sunscreen can protect skin from harmful ultraviolet rays and prevent wrinkles, sun damage, and keep your skin looking plump and youthful for years to come.

2. Eat a Japanese rich diet!

There are foods in the typical Japanese diet that are known to prevent wrinkles and improve collagen production! Some of these foods include seaweed, natto, and tofu. Also, maintaining a diet rich in antioxidants can cleanse toxins out of your body and result in healthy, glowing skin. So now that I’ve spilled the tea, drink up on that green tea! Get it? Because green tea is packed with antioxidants?... Tough crowd.

3. Pat skin, don't rub!

After a long day it’s easy to wipe off our makeup, vigorously rub in some moisturizer and call it a night. But in Japan, it is common knowledge to ALWAYS pat, never rub! Rubbing can actually damage and stretch the skin, so make sure to pat in your face products! By patting, the ingredients can properly be absorbed into the skin and do the job it so desperately wants to do for that lovely, lovely face of yours.

4. The magical, the mystical, the miracle: Rice Water

When I was younger I always wondered why my mother’s hands were smoother than mine. The secret you ask? Rice water! She was rinsing rice almost every night to prepare our dinner so her hands naturally reaped the benefits. Rice is packed with vitamin B and E so it is extremely beneficial to sensitive, dry, and aging skin.  

5. Last but not least, FACE SHAVING

This might be the most bizarre tip of all, but you read it right! Face shaving with itty-bitty razors is quite the craze in Japan. It removes peach fuzz and a layer of dead skin cells leaving your face as smooth as a baby’s bum. And who doesn’t want that?

Have you tried any of these Japanese skincare hacks? What are some of your favorite tips? Let us know it the comments below!

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