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30 November 2021 by Jenna

Happy New Year lovelies!

Enjoying a fabulous winter?

January isn’t just the start of the new year. It’s also the coldest month of the year. That means that Japan is full of winter fun and traditions to kick off the new year just right. Whether it's skiing in Nagano, hot spring trips to Hakone, or just a walk through Tokyo with some very light snow, Japan has so many fun things to enjoy with your besties or that special someone.

A woman smiling in a hot spring that has a view of Mt. Fuji as water pours into the hot spring

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One of our favorite New Year's traditions is hatsumode, the first prayer of the year at a shrine or temple. It sounds traditional, but many people make a fun event out of it and go with friends or a date!

A couple wearing kimonos ring a bell at a shrine during the first prayer of the new year

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You can also enjoy more winter illuminations, or for those who like shopping, lucky bags. Lucky bags are bags from your fav shops full of mystery goodies. It can be clothes, accessories, toys, plushies, and of course, J&K-beauty products!

Two women choose a lucky bag from Adidas as a shop staff helps the women

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At NMNL, we love the traditions of the Japanese New Year and always want to start the year right. So, this month, we're giving you a 'lucky box' full of beauty and skincare items to help you start your year right too! And we're giving them to you in one of Japanese fashion's hottest colors of 2021: PINK! Try out the products and show us your best pretty pink look! 

We're looking forward to seeing all the shades of pink you'll use in your looks!

Stay gorgeous, stay fabulous




A beautiful woman wearing pretty pink makeup and a pink sweater with white curtains behind her

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